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Cross-border personal injury claims can be challenging

Day trips across the border are not unusual for U.S. residents visiting Vancouver or British Columbia residents travelling to Seattle. However, many people never consider the challenges they will have to face if they should suffer a cross-border personal injury while on such a trip. Dealing with accident injuries and recovering damages are challenging procedures in one’s own country, but having to deal with the jurisdictions of two countries can be a whole lot more complicated.

Fortunately, our lawyers at Border Solutions Law Group handle only those cases because we are registered to practice in both British Columbia and Washington State. With our guidance and support, injured accident victims do not need to hire two separate lawyers to deal with the laws and insurance rules in each country. Our lawyers can navigate the systems on both sides of the border.

In most cases, the injured victim will not have to go back to his or her home country to navigate a personal injury lawsuit. Our attorneys can deal with the majority of the cases on any side of the border, and we deal with ICBC in Vancouver or your U.S. insurer in Seattle. In complex cases, a U.S. resident may need to attend a court case in Washington State; however, our lawyers can also advocate on your behalf.

If you are a cross-border personal injury victim, you might have questions about your rights and the viability of a lawsuit. The legal team at Border Solutions Law Group in British Columbia will assess the circumstances and determine whether a lawsuit will make financial sense. If possible, we can negotiate with insurance providers and litigation might be avoided.