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US immigration requirements for nonimmigrant visitors

British Columbia residents who plan trips south of the border as tourists, to visit family, for medical treatment, conventions, amateur sports, social activities or other nonimmigrant purposes might have many questions. Getting answers before crossing the border could avoid potential problems. The required visa type, eligibility, questions that border agents might ask and which supporting documents to have along with other U.S. immigration-related matters might need clarification.

Cross-border personal injury and the need for travel insurance

For many residents of Vancouver, trips across the border into Seattle are nothing unusual, and they might not even stop to think about the possibility of being injured in car accidents south of the border. Maybe they feel confident knowing that they have healthcare insurance. However, government insurance will not cover a cross-border personal injury.

US immigration: Jay Inslee asks B.C. cannabis users to be patient

The prohibition of cannabis in British Columbia and elsewhere in Canada has come to an end, and although the substance was legalized in the state of Washington as far back as 2012, taking it across international borders is still illegal. U.S. immigration laws are based on the fact that marijuana possession is against federal law. This is despite the fact that it is legal in both British Columbia and the state of Washington.

Cross-border personal injury: Spinal injuries can be devastating

Automobile accidents can happen to anyone at just about any time and place. The accident location can lead to many challenges when British Columbia residents are involved in crashes while they are travelling south of the border. Any injuries suffered in such an accident might lead to cross-border personal injury claims, and dealing with the legal and insurance aspects of two different countries could be a complicated process.

US immigration visa requirements for those with special skills

British Columbia individuals with extraordinary achievements or abilities need special visas to enter the United States. To comply with U.S. immigration laws, individuals who accompany these exceptionally talented people as assistants, and also their spouses and children, need special visas. These are classified as O nonimmigrant visas, and are subdivided according to the unique skills of the visa applicants.

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