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US Immigration: What happens to data downloaded by border agents?

British Columbia residents who travel across the border into the United States might not realize that border control officials could search their phones and laptops. Under the U.S. Immigration laws, it is perfectly legal to carry out such searches. The Border Doctrine even allows agents to download the data from the electronic devices of travellers and then scan the downloaded data for breaches of national security.

Pedestrians face risks of cross-border personal injury

Pedestrians in Vancouver must always be more careful once winter weather sets in, and that also applies to those who take trips to Washington State. Although Seattle's average snowfall is not exceptionally high, cold spells with ice and heavy snowfalls do occur. Cars could strike pedestrians, or slip-and-fall accidents could happen at any time, and if the victim is a British Columbia resident, cross-border personal injury claims could be challenging.

US immigration laws might deny Canadians of green cards

Rep. Kevin Yoder (R-KS) has introduced an amendment that will likely be alarming to business executives and managers, IT workers, and even snowbirds in British Columbia and other provinces and territories in Canada. The proposed amendment intends to change the current U.S. immigration cap for employment visas per country to a system of first-come-first-serve. Such a bill would have high-skilled workers waiting for years to obtain a visa or a green card.

Potential cross-border personal injury risks over the holidays

British Columbia residents who plan to head south to spend the holidays with family and friends in the United States this year may be wise to take some time to consider the risks of landing in a U.S. hospital during that time. Dealing with cross-border personal injury issues can be challenging, and it is not only automobile accidents to consider. There are many circumstances that could lead to injuries, especially if there are young children involved.

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