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Tips to prevent issues with US immigration during border crossing

Although the United States government's issues with illegal border crossings might be primarily focused on its borders with another country, Canadian citizens are often unprepared for the harsh treatment by border officials. Even those whose documents are in perfect order and in compliance with U.S. immigration laws might have a tough time. Taking some precautionary steps might ease the border crossing process for travellers from British Columbia and other provinces and territories.

Vancouver driver suffers cross-border personal injury in crash

Many Vancouver residents make frequent trips into the United States for various reasons, often forgetting the fact that they are travelling into another country with different laws and insurance providers. Only when they are involved in an accident, do they realize how complicated cross-border personal injury cases can be. While the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia provides benefits regardless of who was at fault, will it cover accidents that happen south of the border?

US immigration part of NEXUS applications delayed

The temporary shutdown of the United States government saw all nonessential government services put on hold until budget-related issues can be resolved. This includes some U.S. immigration services like the NEXUS program. Its purpose is to provide preapproval to holders of NEXUS cards and to streamline their border crossings thereby. Applicants typically represent frequent travellers between British Columbia and other Canadian provinces and territories and the United States.

Cross-border personal injury can result from distracted driving

Whether people drive in Vancouver or Seattle while on a shopping trip, distractions will always produce threats. Even the most focused drivers can suffer the consequences of another driver's distractions. When a crash-related, cross-border personal injury occurs, insurance and legal ramifications could become overwhelming.

US immigration: How can a FAST card help commercial truckers?

Freight worth billions of dollars is transported between Canada and the United States each year. A significant percentage of the cargo is transported by road on commercial trucks. Truck drivers who travel from British Columbia to deliver or pick up loads might have questions about the frequent border crossings and the U.S. immigration laws that might affect or even benefit them.

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