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US immigration: What are the benefits of dual intent visas?

Residents of British Columbia who wish to work in the United States and also apply for a green card might have many visa-related questions. U.S. Immigration laws require foreign applicants to show that they have no intentions to remain in the United States after the expiration of the work visa. They must also show the intent to leave the U.S. during the processing time of a green card.

Cross-border personal injury can have devastating consequences

With summer approaching, increased numbers of motorists will take to the roads, and this will also increase the chances of being involved in collisions. Car accident injuries could lead to hospitalization, doctors' fees, therapy sessions and lost income. If this happens to Vancouver residents while they travel in Washington state, the legalities of dealing with cross-border injury and insurance adjusters could be daunting.

US immigration options for investors

British Columbia residents who are considering relocation to the United States have various visa options. U.S. immigration laws offer two options for those who have substantial funds to invest. The EB-5 green card is for anyone who wants to establish and operate a business, and the E-2 visa is for those who simply want to live in the United States.

Cross-border personal injury can complicate claims

Safety authorities say distracted drivers cause a significant percentage of automobile accidents in Canada. However, this is not limited to Canada, and sometimes British Columbia residents fall victims to distracted drivers when they travel to Seattle or other U.S. destinations. Navigating cross-border personal injury claims can be challenging without the support of legal counsel.

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