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US immigration appears to be playing the guessing game

Although there have been no policy changes, Canadians trying to cross the border are reportedly turned away much more frequently than before. Residents of British Columbia and other provinces who have travelled to the United States on frequent previous occasions are now refused entry for unknown reasons. Some Canadians have even reported receiving five-year bans with no explanations as to the reasons.

Risks of cross-border personal injury when driving in Seattle

Whenever Vancouver residents take trips to Seattle for shopping or other purposes, they have to deal with challenging circumstances. The risks of suffering cross-border personal injury is significant, and the legal consequences can be complicated. Travel authorities say Seattle is frequently listed as one of the cities with the worst traffic conditions in the United States.

US immigration laws confuse Canadians refused entry into USA

Residents of Vancouver have, until recently, had few problems crossing the border from British Columbia to visit friends or family in Seattle. U.S. immigration lawyers in Vancouver say they have noticed an increase in incidents in which residents of Canada are denied entry and even banned from entering the U.S. One case involves a Vancouver woman who was refused entry and told to get a visa before trying to cross the border again.

Cross-border personal injury: The impact of raised speed limits

A professor at the University of British Columbia researched the effect of increased speed limits on Canadian highways. The outcome of the research led to the British Columbia government lowering the speed limit on 570 kilometres of the 1,300-kilometre section of a road that had been raised by 10 km/h in 2014. The professor determined that the 10 km/h increase did not necessarily lead to more accidents, but it did lead to more severe injuries when accidents occurred. If American citizens were involved in any of those accidents, they could have a need for a cross-border personal injury claim.

US immigration: E2 Treaty Investor Visas are useful options

Canada is one of the E2 Treaty Investor Visa Countries, which enables investors from British Columbia or other Canadian provinces or territories to apply for E2 visas. Under U.S. immigration laws, an E2 Visa allows investors to work and live in the U.S. while they develop and direct businesses in the United States. If an E2 Visa is obtained, executives, essential skill employees and management of the company are allowed entry.

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