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How does US immigration deal with pets of snowbirds?

For most people in British Columbia, their dogs, cats, parrots and other pets are seen as members of the household. So how much trouble is it for snowbirds to take their beloved pets along on their annual journey south? Planning and organizing the trip could be slightly more complicated when travelling with pets, but help is available when it comes to dealing with the U.S. immigration laws.

Winter driving errors can cause cross-border personal injury

Drivers between Vancouver and Seattle will always face crash risks, with the chances increased over the winter months. Dealing with the consequences of a car accident that caused cross-border personal injury could be complicated. Safety authorities recommend that drivers who lack confidence driving in conditions that could include black ice and snow should avoid driving if possible.

US immigration bans cause concern for snowbirds

Every year, thousands of Canadians, including many from British Columbia, lock up their homes and flee to warmer climates south of the border. For many of these snowbirds, they have undertaken this trip for many years. However, the increased number of expedited removals and bans issued by the U.S. immigration officials at the border should be cause for concern.

Cross-border personal injury can have long-term consequences

So many British Columbia residents take frequent trips south of the border to go shopping, take in a live show or for other reasons. But sometimes it is easy to forget that any accident that causes injuries on the other side of the border will involve the legal and insurance systems of the two countries. Dealing with cross-border personal injury claims can be a daunting prospect.

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