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Cross-border personal injury: Living with spinal cord damage

Spinal cord injuries could be catastrophic, and navigating insurance and legal proceedings if another party's negligence caused it could exacerbate the trauma. Suppose the victim is a Vancouver resident who travelled to Seattle, where a negligent driver caused a crash. Under such circumstances, any subsequent efforts to seek financial relief for cross-border personal injury would involve the laws of British Columbia and the United States.

US Immigration: Travel outside Canada not encouraged

Officials in British Columbia and other provinces continue to advise Canadians to avoid nonessential travel south of the border. Most countries have restrictions on travel in place due to the ongoing pandemic. The travel advisories include trips by road and air, and even cruise ship travels. Although U.S. immigration authorities have extended the border closure, they do allow essential trips between Canada and the United States.

Cross-border personal injury risks higher in winter months

British Columbia residents in Vancouver are not used to extreme weather conditions. Snowfalls occur only on an average of 10 days per year and seldom more than 1 cm deep. In contrast, Vancouver is the foggiest, wettest city in Canada. Although it rains throughout the year, during the winter, it could rain incessantly. Driving and maintaining control of a vehicle could be challenging, and drivers who venture south of the border risk cross-border personal injury.

Cross-border personal injury: Look out for drunk drivers

Studies have shown that people are not good at judging their own levels of impairment. The fact that they have consumed alcohol is enough reason not to drive a vehicle. Many British Columbia residents have been victims of accidents caused by drunk drivers. When such accidents occur while driving south of the border, recovering damages could be complicated.

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