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Employment immigration ban may only be temporary

Canadians working in the U.S. and those who had intentions of establishing a career across the border likely have grave concerns about their futures. Multiple questions exist about the impact of the recent suspension of the H1-B expedited processing plan on employment immigration between Canada and the United States. Recent reports showed protestors at airports where travellers in possession of valid visas were prevented from entering America.

Speciality nurses' employment immigration refused

It is estimated that between 30,000 and 40,000 Canadian citizens with TN visas work in the United States. TN visas are non-immigrant NAFTA visas for professionals who had job offers from U.S. employers. This section of employment immigration includes engineers and computer science gurus who design and build factories in America and play a significant role in job creation. Speciality nurses also represent a high percentage of the TN visa holders.

Employment immigration will be affected by new Executive Order

Canadian citizens may be interested in an Executive Order that became effective in the United States on March 16. It will likely affect employment immigration. However, the Executive Order clearly states that all visas issued prior to this date will remain valid - unless they have expired.

How will H-1B visa reform affect employment immigration?

Members of the workforce in British Columbia and other provinces and territories in Canada who want to seek employment in the United States are closely watching the U.S. H-1B visa reform. The new U.S. administration is seeking to overhaul visa programs for employment immigration of foreign workers into the United States. Up to now, thousands of employees from other countries have secured positions at tech companies.

How will employment immigration affect manufacturing industry?

After the American presidential election, the topics of many discussions involved protecting available jobs for U.S. citizens. However, for those thriving in the U.S. manufacturing industry, engineers are required to invent products and optimise production methods. This is where concern related to employment immigration and the need for more engineers comes in. Engineers in British Columbia are likely watching the developments with anticipation.

Employment immigration: Debate about U.S. H-1B visa continues

Since 1990, U.S. companies have been able to sponsor temporary foreign workers for the H1-B visa program. This program was created to attract the brightest and best talent from Canada and other countries through employment immigration. H-1B visas are available to foreign holders of bachelor's degrees in certain speciality fields, including computer programming, engineering and science. These visas are valid for three years and may then be extended for another three years.

Employment Immigration: Who can apply for J1 visas?

When nationals of Canada and other foreign countries want to participate in work-and-study-based exchange programs in the United States, they will need J1 visas. Often used for employment immigration, they provide non-immigrant visas for exchange visitors.  The visa holder can stay in the United States for specified time periods -- determined by the type of program in which they participate. Typical programs include study, work, research and teaching. The visas are valid for a few weeks to a number of years.

Temporary U.S. visa requirements for employment immigration

British Columbia residents who seek to travel to the United States for purposes other than relocating there may have many questions about the visa requirements. Along with employment immigration, other uses for non-permanent travel may include a pleasure trip, medical treatment, business or any purpose other than permanent relocation. Although there is a limited number of exceptions, travellers must obtain non-immigrant visas before travelling to the United States.

Employment immigration: Which visa is the right one for you?

British Columbia residents who have the opportunity of obtaining employment in the United States may have many questions about the procedures to follow. Different visas could apply to U.S. employment immigration, and navigation of the legal procedures could be challenging. The type of visa required depends on the occupation of the person, his or her level of education and more.

Employment Immigration -- the internet can be misleading

U.S. companies who want to transfer personnel from their offices in British Columbia to their facilities in the United States may have questions about visa requirements and more. Having experienced cross-border attorneys to assess the eligibility of both the company and the employee to be transferred can prevent errors. If you lost money because the data about employment immigration you got off the internet was misleading, you can find accurate information relating to both sides of the border when you consult with Border Solutions Law Group in Vancouver.

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