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Looking for legal assistance with employment immigration?

When working in the tech world of Silicon Valley or elsewhere in the United States is part of the career dreams of a British Columbia citizen, the rapidly changing immigration laws may leave the aspiring computer guru despondent. Who can help those in similar circumstances? How would they choose a law firm that focusses on employment immigration and its complexities?

President Trump and the New World Order

Since President Trump came into power over a month ago, there's been a whirlwind of activity on the immigration front. It all started with his Executive Order, which banned seven Muslim countries from having any entry into the United States, for a period of 90 days. This was trumpeted (no-pun intended) as a security measure in order to be able to allow USCIS and US CBP adequate time to put into place stronger security measures to protect the United States from terrorists. Now that the Executive Order has been stayed by the Ninth Circuit Federal Court of Appeals, it would appear that the temporary ban on those Muslim countries will be abandoned.

U.S. might welcome Canadian immigrants as job creators

In the Southern San Francisco Bay area of California sits Silicon Valley, that is home to numerous global and start-up technological companies. The Silicon Valley Institute of Regional Studies says one in three people involved in these businesses comes from foreign countries, including Canada.

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