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US Immigration: Travel outside Canada not encouraged

Officials in British Columbia and other provinces continue to advise Canadians to avoid nonessential travel south of the border. Most countries have restrictions on travel in place due to the ongoing pandemic. The travel advisories include trips by road and air, and even cruise ship travels. Although U.S. immigration authorities have extended the border closure, they do allow essential trips between Canada and the United States.

US immigration: Drastic increase in citizenship applications

British Columbia residents who were planning applications for naturalization or citizenship in the United States may want to reconsider. U.S. immigration announced massive increases in the fees charged for such applications. Reportedly, this was another step in limiting low-income foreign applications for legal immigration to the U.S.

US Immigration laws require proof of good moral character

Canadians from British Columbia and other provinces might have questions about becoming U.S. citizens. One of the stumbling blocks could involve facing drunk driving or other criminal charges. In short, U.S. immigration laws require applicants to demonstrate good moral character.

US immigration: Canadians exempted from entry suspensions

With current travel restrictions between Canada and the United States, people in British Columbia and other provinces might be unsure about the latest regulations. An executive order was issued that prohibits entry to the United States of nonimmigrants through the end of this year. U.S. immigration laws and regulations are changing rapidly, and when news about the suspensions was published, questions were asked about how it will affect border crossings by Canadians travelling to the United States. 

US immigration: Family members can cross the border to reunite

The temporary closing of the border between Canada and the United States will continue for some time. Although U. S. immigration continues the total travel ban for unnecessary travelling across the border, the Canadian government announced the loosening of the border crossing ban. Families in British Columbia and other provinces who had loved ones trapped on the other side of the border will be allowed to reunite.

US Immigration: Boaters -- beware not to cross Canada-US border

Recreational boaters might be unaware of the consequences of crossing into the waters of the United States. With all border crossings prohibited right now, boaters could face hefty fines if they crossed the water boundaries that form the border between Canada and the United States. Boat owners in British Columbia would be wise to be familiar with U.S. immigration laws related to crossing the water borderline.

U.S. Immigration: Travel restrictions extended to May 20

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently announced the extension of the travel restrictions and border crossings until May 20. This follows a mutual agreement between the United States and Canada that was reached approximately a month ago. It was decided to closed all border posts for nonessential crossings until April 20, including the one between British Columbia and Washington state. U.S. immigration will allow only essential travel across the border.

US immigration: Heed health warnings before crossing the border

British Columbia residents who plan trips across the border are advised to learn all about potential health hazards they might encounter at their destination. The Public Health Agency of Canada monitors the situations of any outbreaks of viruses closely. The agency issues travel health notices if there is any possibility of Canadian travellers being infected in the United States.

US immigration expands GMC requirements for naturalization

Anyone in British Columbia who wants to become a naturalized U.S. citizen will need to be aware of recent changes to the application requirements. U.S. immigration laws have always required applicants to demonstrate moral character. Up until recently, the list of criminal convictions that automatically disqualified an individual was somewhat limited. Applicants were also required not to have been accused of certain criminal charges for the five years preceding the application. 

US immigration: What is expedited removal?

Anyone in British Columbia might have reason to feel apprehensive about going south of the border. Trips to Seattle, which were previously routine, have become nerve-wracking episodes. Although media reports indicate that U.S. immigration is targeting people with ties to Middle Eastern countries, extreme measures have been taken against others without such connections.

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