Thousands Of Visas Approved

We provide the legal experience to help you enjoy a hassle-free border crossing.

Licensed In Both BC And Washington

Other firms advertise cross border service, but dual licensing means we can pursue better results faster.

20 Minutes Can Save You Hours Of Hassle

Sometimes all it takes is a short consultation to get your visa on the best path to approval.

Flat Fees Upfront With No Surprises

We never charge hourly rates. You’ll know your all-in cost in Canadian dollars before we begin.

Being Injured Across The Border Can Get Complicated

We’re the firm that other injury lawyers call for advice. Let us navigate your cross-border claim.
U.S. Immigration
Canadian Immigration
Cross-Border Personal Injury

Vancouver Cross-Border Immigration & Injury Law Firm

Licensed In Both BC And Washington

U.S. Immigration
Canadian Immigration
Cross-Border Personal Injury

We’ll Take Your Cross-Border Problem

And Make It Simple

Whether it’s working temporarily or visiting as a tourist, throw U.S. law into the mix and any problem you encounter as a Canadian instantly doubles in complexity. At Border Solutions Law Group, our lawyers have over a decade experience In Vancouver, BC, tackling thousands of immigration and personal injury cases — all concentrated on the unique facets of cross-border issues.

Our Aim

Take over
the burden
Take over the burden
Simplify the
Simplify the Process
Deliver you high-quality
legal service
Deliver you high-quality legal service

Great Service Means More Than Lip Service

Benjamin Franklin once said: “Well done is better than well said.” We agree.

One of the reasons that individuals and corporate personnel departments consistently return to our firm is because we’ve made excellence and professional servicing a reality.

Our team believes that every client deserves:

Prompt return calls
Regular updates
Reliable, high-quality legal advice
Efficient, prompt processing

Our Dual Licensing Is Your Gain

Some firms dabble in U.S/Canadian Border Law, but few are licensed in both jurisdictions at the same time. All of our lawyers actively practice in both Canada and the U.S. You’ll never need to hire two lawyers for the same matter. We’re equipped take on any cross-border issue, no matter how challenging.

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Sometimes All It Takes Is A Short Consultation

Give us a quick call or email us about your issue. We’ll let you know right away if we can help. If so, we’ll set up a meeting. It’s often quick, always efficient and an indispensable first step to putting your cross-border issue on the right path.

Call us today at 877-341-0315 or reach us via our online email form.
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