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Cross-Border Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents can be among the most serious on the roadways. If the accident happened while you were travelling out of country between Vancouver and Seattle, your case is instantly more complex.

At Border Solutions Law Group, our lawyers can take over your legal burden and fight your cross-border motorcycle accident claim on both sides of the border.

Helping You Stand Up To Insurers

With fewer safety features and far less metal to take the impact, motorcyclists are at much higher risk during an impact. Injured motorcyclists may sustain such life-altering impacts as spinal cord damage and head injury.

Aware of the high risk and cost of covering such claims, insurers will fight hard to assign as much blame to a motorcyclist as possible. If they succeed, it risks diluting the compensation you receive.

Our lawyers are experienced in fighting motorcycle accident claims. We also understand how the law, insurance practises and court cases work in both BC and Washington. We can fight your case and help you pursue the accident benefits and compensation you rightfully deserve.

Was It A Manufacturer Defect?

One of the factors that injured motorcyclists often overlook in their claim is the possibility of manufacturing defects. Even a tire blowout could mean that the tire manufacturer may be partially liable. If this is a plausible factor in your case, our lawyers will find it out. We have experience investigating and analyzing such cases and can help you pursue your entitlement to fair compensation.

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