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Chronic Pain From Cross-Border Accidents

Whether it’s whiplash, myofascial pain or other soft tissue injury, dealing with chronic pain is difficult, both physically and emotionally. Being dismissed by insurers only adds to the frustration.

If the accident happened across the border, the claim multiplies in complexity. At Border Solutions Law Group, we can guide you successfully through the claims process and help you fight for fair compensation.

Presenting Your Case Properly

Countless individuals have made the mistake of fighting chronic pain claims on their own and without professional help. The most common mistake is in failing to have the right evidence. Insurers and courts are suspicious of subjective descriptions of pain. Our lawyers can help you avoid such pitfalls.

We know what it takes to present your case properly — in a way that persuades insurers and the court that the impact of chronic pain on your life is real. We know which experts and which reports to obtain as evidence.

We Know When To Fight And When To Settle

Since we are dual-licensed, our lawyers can fight your cause in both BC and Washington. There’s no need to hire separate lawyers in both countries.

Soft tissue injury has likely left you with significant pain and suffering. But British Columbia and Washington have vastly different laws regarding such impacts. While Washington has no cap on compensation for pain and suffering, the cost of litigating improperly can leave you owing more money after the case is finished. Our job is to ensure that you only fight when it makes financial sense to do so.

We analyze the economics of each claim and ensure a tangible, worthwhile financial return. Whether you were injured in Vancouver, Seattle or beyond, we can advise you on how to gain an optimal result.

Consult With Our Lawyers. It’s Free.

Come in and meet our lawyers. We can give you an honest assessment of your cross-border chronic pain injury claim and outline your options. Call us at 877-341-0315 or use our online form to reach us by email.