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E-1, E-2 Visas For Treaty Investors And Traders

The E-1 treaty trader and E-2 treaty investor visas have great appeal. They have advantages that many of our clients at Borders Solutions don’t realize at first. E visas are also obtainable without some of the cumbersome requirements of other work visas such as the L- visas.

Many Are Qualified Without Even Realizing It

E visas allow entry to nationals of countries that have trade relationships with the U.S. – including Canada. E visa holders are allowed to engage in substantial trade or investment in the U.S. Many applicants we meet with mistakenly assume that they don’t qualify since they don’t trade in physical goods.

During our initial prescreening consultation, we often discover eligible candidates who engage in a lesser-known but equally valid form of trade: the sale of services. Many are consultants – such as for engineering firms – who trade their expertise. Our legal guidance has helped many seize a good opportunity to enter the U.S. through the E visa category.

Advantages We Use To Facilitate Your Application

The E1 visa in particular also comes with another major other advantage. Whereas most other work visas require a U.S. employer to petition for the applicant, the E1 has no such requirement. E1 applicants can essentially petition for themselves without having a pre-existing U.S. presence.

The caveat is that the level of trade must be sufficient. However, there are no set rules or minimums. Knowing what constitutes an acceptable threshold comes only with experience. After processing thousands of applications, our lawyers can assess your case to determine whether an E- visa is possible and suitable for your situation.

E visas are also consular-based visas, which means that they must be obtained at a U.S. consulate. Our firm is one of the few that have regular dealings and familiarity with the consulate in Vancouver and its processes. This is just another advantage we use to help our clients seeking E visas.

Get Your Application On The Right Path

Our initial consultation is the crucial first step to determine your optimal visa type to pursue. Our lawyers are ready to provide you with an efficient, streamlined prescreening. Arrange an appointment today by calling us at 877-341-0315 or emailing us through our online form.