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TN Visa: Expedited Entry For USMCA Professionals

The TN visa allows Canadian and Mexican professionals under USMCA, the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, to enter and work in the U.S. It’s a straightforward, basic, no-frills work visa. The biggest advantage of TN visas is their quick turnaround times. At Border Solutions Law Group, we have helped hundreds of individual and corporate clients in Vancouver obtain TN visa approval, typically within one week.

Our Greatest Value For TN Applicants: Professional Interview Preparation

In some cases, TN visas are a sound, long-term strategy. But more often, our lawyers use this visa as a strategic stepping stone. In many cases, TN visas provide quick entry and then open the door to pursue other work visas that are better suited to our clients’ long-term interests or that may provide eventual immigrant possibilities.

Each category of qualifying professions comes with its own requirements. Certain ones – such as categories that don’t require an advanced degree – are high fraud categories. Seeking professional legal service for TN visas is the wisest course to avoid the long-term consequences of being denied approval.

The key value we offer clients is in providing professional coaching and preparation for a critical step: passing the interview by immigration officers. Before the interview, we thoroughly ensure that:

  • The applicant knows how to answer interview questions.
  • The sponsoring employer knows how to petition on behalf of the employee.
  • All involved parties have a consistent and unified strategy on the path to approval.

Let Us Help You Pursue A Quick, Smooth Visa Approval

Our lawyers have experience filing visa applications, both simple and complex. A prescreening consultation helps you find out which visa type suits your situation and how to ensure the best chance of approval. Email usfor help or talk with our legal team today by calling 877-341-0315.