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Border Solutions Law Group is a boutique firm that practices exclusively in cross-border issues in Vancouver, BC. Over the years, we have handled thousands of U.S. visa filings and cross-border personal injury claims. We’re also one of the few firms licensed to practice in both Vancouver and Washington. Our clients never need to hire two lawyers for the same cross-border matter.

Our office is just off the south side of Vancouver Harbour. With our strong focus on assisting Canadian businesses in obtaining U.S. work visas, it’s easy for corporate clients to head down the street to meet and talk with us personally.

Our Foundation Is Trust

The bedrock of our firm’s practice is trust. Over the years, our legal team has worked hard to earn a reputation for performing high-quality work, delivered in a timely, responsive, service-focused style. After clients work with us for the first time, many become clients for life.

From the first moment we meet with clients, we aim to provide value. Our initial prescreening consultation is the critical point where we listen to the facts of each case and make a determination on how to set it on the optimal path from the outset.

Our Power: Experience On Both Sides Of The Border

In navigating cross-border issues, we draw on our years of practice in both Vancouver and Washington. Our intimate familiarity with both Canadian and U.S. law equips us to quickly identify problems and potential issues and to develop strategic solutions for our clients’ immigration and personal injury matters.

Our founding lawyer, Mark Belanger, is a published legal writer and one of the province’s leading authorities on uninsured motorist issues. He has served as lead counsel in precedent-setting cases and has participated in thousands of mediations, arbitrations, bench trials and jury trials. Recognizing the rarity of his knowledge and experience, other lawyers regularly request his advice on cross-border issues.

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Let Us Take On Your Cross-Border Issue

Whatever your U.S. immigration or cross-border personal injury needs, we can take over the burden and find you the best solution. It starts with a simple, streamlined consultation. Arrange one today by reaching us at 877-341-0315 or via our site’s online form.