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H-1B, L-1B Specialized Knowledge: America’s Most Sought-After Visas

Among America’s temporary work visas, the H-1B and the L-1B visas are the most coveted. Both types attract workers with specialized knowledge in such areas as the sciences, arts, medicine, education and business specialties. But each visa is different in its features and requirements – and meeting the criteria often proves less straightforward than first meets the eye.

At Border Solutions Law Group, we have processed thousands of U.S. work visas for individual and corporate clients in Vancouver. We provide legal advice that can make the difference between a wasted effort and a smooth, expedient approval.

Determine The Right Match. Meet The Requirements.

The key to obtaining a specialized knowledge visa is in carefully matching the applicant’s profile to the eligibility criteria. Since both visas require the employer to petition U.S. immigration officials on behalf of the worker, our lawyers help human resources departments accurately determine which of the two visa types apply. Our advisory services include analysis of the:

  • Employment relationship – We determine how its nature and duration align with the requirements of each visa type. L-1B currently demands a one-year prior relationship within the preceding three years, but the H-1B doesn’t require any pre-existing relationship.
  • Specialized knowledge – Beyond the basic degree requirement, we determine whether the worker’s knowledge is sufficiently unique and proprietary to warrant entry into the U.S.
  • Supporting evidence – We ensure that the applicant’s eligibility is sufficient and solidly documented for inspection by immigration officers.
  • Visa alternatives – We explore additional visa options if eligibility incompatibility or wait times due to annual approval limits make either an H-1B or L1-B visa unsuitable for your situation.

Consult Today To Assess Your Options

In most cases, an efficient pre-screening consultation is the first step in determining whether an L-1B or H-1B is the right visa for your needs. Our lawyers are ready to help facilitate your cross-border needs. Reach us today by calling 877-341-0315 or via our online email form.