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Cross-Border Trucking Accidents

If you are a trucker injured while driving out of the country, your case can be a complex one. At Border Solutions Law Group, we can help you navigate the challenges you face from insurers, at-fault parties and even your employer. Our goal is to fight your cross-border trucking accident claim and pursue the accident benefits and compensation you’re entitled to.

Guiding You Through The Complications Of A Claim

Truck accident claims tend to be more difficult since it involves a commercial insurance policy. The limitations and coverage are usually different from personal auto insurance policies. Our lawyers can analyze the policy and help you understand the accident benefits you are covered for.

Another problem that truckers sometimes encounter comes from their own employers. In some cases, trucking companies did not purchase sufficient insurance to protect their employees. In other cases, they become uncooperative in providing information for your claim. If you are experiencing either of these two situations, our lawyers can stand in as your advocate.

Sine we are licensed to practice in both Vancouver, BC, and Seattle, Washington. We can take the weight of your legal burden and protect your rights.

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