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How To Sponsor A Family Member For Permanent Residency

Every family class application – for grandparents, parents, or children, spouses, common law and conjugal partners – comes with its own set of specific requirements. At Border Solutions Law Group, we offer over a decade of complex immigration law experience to improve the likelihood of success for your permanent residency application.

While there is no guarantee of success, we leverage our experience to spot errors and shortcomings within your application before it gets rejected or refused. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, our goal is to help you reunite your family within our borders as quickly, and seamlessly as possible.

Breaking Down The Complexity Of Applications

Many people don’t fully understand the application process. For example, in the cases of spouses, many citizens don’t know the differences between In Canada applications versus Outside Canada applications. A key difference is that outside Canada applications allow you to appeal a refusal, while inland applications leave you to just Judicial Reviews.

This is just one example of the legal nuances only a law firm with comprehensive knowledge on cross-border immigration issues can offer. Supervisas for grandparents, sponsoring an adult child with special needs – we offer thorough legal assistance in many unique situations with integrity, thoroughness and accuracy.

Because of our firm’s experience with immigration law – one of the most scrutinized areas of law across the globe – attention to detail is crucial. We apply this comprehensive level of care to every client.

With Only One Shot A Year, You Want To Make Sure You Get It Right

Misinformation, fraud, and other types of errors can cause your application to be rejected or kicked out of the queue, and you must wait a year to reapply for Parent and Grandparent Sponsorships. At Border Solutions, our goal is to make sure you get your application in the best shape it can be the first time around.

The new selection process is a “first come, first serve” online expression of interest to apply for your Parents or Grandparents and their dependents. An error-free application creates efficient processing helping you become a Permanent Resident faster.

Get Your Application Started Today

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