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Why Choose Border Solutions Law Group?

At Border Solutions Law Group, the benefits we bring to the table have won us many clients for life. Cross border legal issues are complex, but our job is to simplify them for you and work to gain you real results. Here’s how we do it and why you can entrust your case to us.

U.S./Canadian Border Law Is All We Do

Some lawyers claim to handle immigration and cross-border personal injury cases, but do so only on the side. Not us. Our lawyers don’t simply dabble. U.S./Canadian border law is our exclusive focus. It’s all we do.

Thousands Of Cases Successfully Fought

Our lawyers have years of experience concentrated on Canada-U.S. legal issues. We’ve processed thousands of U.S. visa applications. We’ve fought thousands of injury claims aggregating into millions of dollars in Vancouver and Washington.

We’re Dual Licensed

Our lawyers are all licensed to practice in both BC and Washington state. We’re intimately familiar with the law in both jurisdictions. We’ve fought trials on both sides of the border. We know the courts, the legal processes and how to navigate the red tape. You will never need to hire two separate lawyers to handle your case.

We Create A Real Return On Your Investment

When we take on a case, our prime goal is to gain the best return possible for every client. We don’t just process files. We crunch the numbers, analyze all the factors and engineer a legal strategy designed to produce a tangible, worthwhile result. Whether you need an expedited visa into the U.S. or are fighting for fair compensation on an injury claim, we fight in a concentrated way to gain you the maximum result with the least time and expense involved.

Convenient Access

Our office is located on the south side of Vancouver Harbour. We are also often in Washington. It’s easy to come and meet us. Whether your matter involves BC or Washington state, we can handle it expediently and effectively.

Injury Claims — No Recovery, No Fee

Accidents that cross international borders have an extra layer of complexity. Unless we recover compensation for you, you will not pay a fee. There’s no risk to discuss your case with us — an initial consultation is always free.

Get A Legal Opinion Today

Our consultations are friendly, informative and efficient. It’s the first step in setting your case on the right track to success. Call us at 877-341-0315 or email us to arrange a meeting.