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Brain Injuries In Cross-Border Accidents

Many accident victims sustain head or brain injuries without at first knowing it. But, since the signs often aren’t detectable through traditional brain scans, insurers may be skeptical. If it involves a cross-border brain injury claim, gaining treatment and compensation becomes even more difficult. At Border Solutions Law Group, we’re here to help.

Protecting Your Right To Recover

Within the area of personal injury, we are a niche firm that only fights cross-border cases. Our lawyers have helped thousands of clients in BC and Washington. If you have a brain injury, we can help you hold insurers accountable to provide the accident benefits you are entitled to.

We can also simultaneously fight a case for compensation from at-fault parties across the border. Since we are licensed to practice in both BC and Washington, you will never need to hire two separate lawyers. We take care of all the aspects of your case under one roof.

We Know The Best Experts To Support Your Case

Brain damage and injuries may be tricky to diagnose, but the impact on your life is real. You may no longer be able to work. Everyday tasks may become challenging. Social and family interactions may have deteriorated.

We understand the frustration and want to help. Over the years, we have developed a network of experts in Vancouver, Seattle and beyond — some of the best ones for cross-border injury cases. Where necessary, we can refer you to these professionals to obtain supporting evidence, such as:

  • Medical diagnoses and treatment recommendations
  • An evaluation of the impact on your income earning capacity
  • Evaluation of needs such as the cost of future care

Discuss Your Injury With Our Lawyers

There’s no risk to meet with our lawyers. We offer free initial consultations and you will not pay any fee unless we recover compensation for you. Call us today at 877-341-0315 or fill in our online form to request a meeting.