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B Visas — Helping Business Visitors Navigate U.S. Immigration’s Greyest Area

At first glance, the B visa seems straightforward – a temporary, nonimmigrant visa that lets visitors enter the U.S. for business purposes and then leave once that business is finished. In reality, B visas are the most used, but least understood.

At Border Solutions Law Group, we can help you navigate the grey areas and reduce the risk of complications. The key: knowing in advance what U.S. immigration officials consider a business visit and what actually constitutes working illegally.

Is It Really Business Travel – Or Is It Work?

B visas allow business visitors to engage in a number of permissible activities, some of the more common ones being:

  • Engaging in a business meeting with associates
  • Attending a conference or seminar
  • Negotiating a contract
  • Settling an estate

Eligibility starts to get murky when the visit strays from “doing business” in the U.S. into areas that actually constitute working without appropriate approvals. Much depends on analyzing fine details such as:

  • The precise nature of the visit
  • Whether there’s direct remuneration from a U.S. source
  • The principal place of the traveler’s business
  • The regularity of similar visits

We Use Our Experience To Spare You Border Problems

At Border Solutions, we’ve processed thousands of visa applications for both individuals and personnel departments in Vancouver. Many times, all it takes is a simple consultation for us to determine whether a B visa fits your planned activity or if your situation will raise a red flag with immigration officers at the border.

Drawing on our years of knowledge and experience, we will scrutinize your plans to:

  • Screen your eligibility
  • Spot potential problems
  • Analyze whether you require a different visa
  • Prepare you to talk with immigration officers
  • Ensure that supporting documents and evidence are in order
  • Assist with visa extensions

A Simple Consultation Can Put You On The Right Track

If a B visa will work for you, our lawyers will let you know. If not, we can advise you on your options to help ensure a smooth crossing. Call 877-341-0315 or contact us via our online email form to speak with us today.