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Applying For Temporary Residency And Study Permits

Temporary residency visas are what all visitors to Canada require at any port of entry to come into the country. The biggest challenge with obtaining a temporary residency visa is proving it’s just that – temporary.

At Border Solutions Law Group, a large portion of our practice is focused on immigration law. We understand that people may not know what kind of temporary visa to acquire, or in what situations they will need one. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, our immigration lawyers offer legal advice and support to people across the country and beyond our borders when facing visa challenges at points of entry.

Identifying Common Challenges Facing Applicants

The questions immigration officials will ask can be rigorous in order to determine you don’t intend to remain in the country after the visa expires. If they are not satisfied, you could be turned back at the point of entry.

For example, if you say you are here to sightsee, but are found with evidence implying business interests, you could be denied entry. Instead, we can prepare you on how to apply for a business class visa and avoid this misunderstanding.

Obtaining Study Permits

For students, we make sure you understand the nature of your visa. You will need to know how many hours of on-campus or off-campus work you may do on a study permit. Your spouse and dependents may also qualify to come to Canada with you and can work or study too. Should you want to remain in Canada after completing your studies, find out your options for a post-graduate work permit and then Immigration Pathways leading to Permanent Residency.

For other temporary visa holders, if you’re here on a work visa, but want to bring your family to Canada as well, we’ll help you understand what you need to complete to pursue these goals.

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