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Appeals and Judicial Reviews

Immigrating to Canada is already a grueling process, especially if the government treats you unfairly. Luckily, most negative decisions can be challenged. We have extensive immigration litigation experience in having negative decisions overturned by seeking appeals at the Immigration and Refugee Board or judicial reviews at the Federal Court.

Border Solutions can help you reverse a decision from:

  • Canadian Border Services Agency
  • Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada
  • Immigration and Refugee Board
  • Service Canada (Employment and Social Development Canada)

Do not let a refusal or other adverse decision made by the government stop you from being in Canada. We work with individuals that find themselves in high stake situations, including losing Permanent Resident status or having the sponsorship of their spouse or child denied. At Border Solutions, we ensure you understand the hearing process, we assist with submitting your evidence and we prepare you for the hearing.

Detention and Removals

In some situations, people who are found to be inadmissible to Canada may find themselves being detained. We can represent you at your hearing to pursue a release in a detention review hearing or to appeal a removal order.

If you are eligible for Pre-Removal Risk Assessment, we can help prepare your application to highlight the reasons you cannot return to your home country such as there being a risk to your life.

There may be times where you may find yourself needing to return to Canada for an important reason after being removed. In such instances, we may be able to help you come to Canada on a Temporary Resident Permit. We will assist with misunderstandings and assist in providing proper documentation.

Refugee Protection

If you are afraid to return to your home country, you may be considered a Refugee in Canada. Refugee Claimants often have to attend a hearing which can be a complex process with stringent requirements and deadlines. The Refugee Protection Board must find that you meet the legal definition of “Convention Refugee” and/or a “Person in Need of Protection.” We can help you present your best case before the Refugee Protection Board so that you can have a safe life in Canada.

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