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Bellingham Personal Injury Attorneys

A boutique firm practicing exclusively in cross-border legal issues, Border Solutions Law Group may be able to help you with a range of personal injury claims for accidents that happen in both the State of Washington and British Columbia.

With an office conveniently located in Bellingham, WA, we are licensed to practice in both Canada and the United States. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and see how we may be of service to you.

Trust is Our Foundation

From our very first conversation, we prioritize timely, responsive, efficient service to meet each client’s unique needs. Our Bellingham injury attorneys work hard to maintain a reputation for high-quality work, with an ongoing commitment to clear communication and strategic solutions. 

Living with an injury can impact every aspect of a person’s life. The costs of medical treatment as well as the financial insecurity that can arise from being unable to work can contribute to substantial stress and anxiety. At Border Solutions Law Group, we aim to ease your process as much as possible, and help you recover the financial compensation to which you are entitled. 

What to Do if You Have Been Injured

If you have been involved in an accident , your first step should be to seek the medical care you need. Your health is always the priority. Whether that means going to the hospital emergency room, or scheduling an appointment with your general physician, receiving professional medical attention can not only help you recover faster but also be a vital record toward any legal claim.

If it is safe to do so, record as much information as you can at the scene of the accident. This may include photographs and videos of the site, as well as the contact information of witnesses willing to provide testimony.

Contact our Bellingham injury attorneys as soon as you can to schedule your initial consultation, and learn how we may be able to assist you through your cross-border claim.

Helping You Recover

Our Bellingham injury attorneys focus on your legal needs so you can focus on what is most important: your recovery. With the support of financial benefits, you may be eligible to recover the costs of medical and rehabilitative care, as well as support for income lost as a result of your injuries.

Since our inception, Border Solutions Law Group has worked with thousands of cross-border injury claims and personal injury claims. We are very familiar with insurance practices and laws in both Washington and British Columbia. Here are just some of the areas with which we may be able to help:

Allow our dedicated team of personal injury attorneys to consult on what may be an optimal route in your case. 

Contact Our Bellingham Injury Attorneys Today for a Consultation

Following an accident in Washington, it can be challenging to know what steps to take. Navigating a legal claim can be confusing even within one jurisdiction – dealing with the laws and insurance policies of two countries can redouble the stress. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our Bellingham personal injury attorneys, and learn how we may be able to help you through the process, every step of the way.