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Entry Into Canada: Simplifying The Process And Resolving Conflicts

At Border Solutions Law Group, we offer effective legal support and advice to individuals across Canada, the U.S. and around the globe when applying for entry into Canada. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, our immigration lawyers can assist you with temporary visas, permanent residency and citizenship and resolving shortcomings and appealing refusals.

Cross-Border Legal Knowledge You Can Count On

Whether you, your spouse or partner, or another family member, wish to work, live or study here, we can help. Our firm is uniquely positioned to help you navigate Canadian and U.S. immigration laws.

We handle all cross-border immigration issues, including personal injury cases, and can easily identify what needs to be done to effectively pursue your goals. We can assist you with applications such as:

Online Portal Assistance: There’s no doubt the online process can be tricky to navigate. We alleviate this burden by assisting you with creating your profile and gathering and uploading the required documents.

Guiding You Through The Challenges Facing New Arrivals And Visitors

With over a decade of complex immigration law experience, we can explain your immigration options, how best to pursue them, and spot any issues in your application early on. We can assist you with resolving issues related to:

  • Work or family history
  • Verbal answers versus online submissions
  • Work experience documentation
  • Medical and background checks
  • Online application portals

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