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Cross-Border Motor Vehicle Accidents

Gaining fair treatment from insurers is a challenge even in the simplest cases. But if you have a car accident in a different country, state or province, the complexity instantly multiplies. At Border Solutions Law Group, our job is to take the mystery out of the process and help you gain top dollar for your cross-border car accident claim.

We’re The Law Firm That Other Lawyers Turn To

Our firm does not simply dabble in cross-border legal issues. It’s our exclusive focus. Since our founding, we have fought thousands of claims crisscrossing the roadways between Vancouver and Seattle. Our successful track record and intimate understanding of U.S./Canadian border law have won us a solid reputation in the legal community. That’s why other lawyers — even those the ones only practice in ordinary personal injury cases — often turn to us for advice on Canada-U.S. cases.

When you turn to us for help, you can be confident that we will know exactly how to fight your case with a calculated and thorough strategy.

Helping You Avoid The Perils And Maximize Your Gains

Over the years, we have developed an approach aimed at recovering the best return for your investment in the claim. Two of the biggest differences that our clients often don’t realize about international claims involve:

  • The impact of legal costs in U.S. claims
  • Caps on compensation for pain and suffering

In BC, the courts have imposed a cap on compensation for pain and suffering. In the U.S., there is no cap. Yet, even if the potential for compensation can be significantly higher in Washington, compensation can be significantly diluted by legal costs, which each party is responsible for covering. In some cases, such claims are worth litigating and in others, it makes no financial sense. Our job is to know the difference.

We do this by:

  • Analyzing the legal complexities
  • Negotiating for you with insurers
  • Referring you to the best expert for diagnoses and treatment plans
  • Helping you gather evidence to support your case

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