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At Border Solutions Law Group, our team of personal injury attorneys and immigration attorneys practice in both the United States and Canada. This means we are uniquely positioned to help with a range of cross-border issues. Whether you are looking for a cross-border injury attorney for help in a cross-border personal injury claim, or if you have questions about immigration, our Bellingham law firm would be happy to discuss your case.

We are dedicated to compassionate, timely service that prioritizes our clients’ individual needs. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation with our Bellingham law firm, and see how we might make a difference for you.

Cross-Border Personal Injury Attorneys

Licensed to practice on both sides of the US-Canada border, our Bellingham law firm’s cross-border personal injury attorneys may be able to help you through your claim from beginning to end. While the laws concerning personal injury are similar between British Columbia and Washington State, key differences may influence the process of your claim.

Our Bellingham Washington injury attorneys understand the nuances of liability and insurance coverage in both the US and in Canada. When you first meet with our injury attorneys, we will ask clarifying questions to better understand the specific context of your accident and injury. We may then be of vital assistance in strategizing your claim so that you receive the compensation you deserve. 

US and Canada Personal Injury Attorneys

Our cross-border injury expertise sets us apart, but Border Solutions Law Group can also help with single-jurisdiction cases. With an office conveniently located in Bellingham, Washington, our injury attorneys may be of service with your slip and fall, motor vehicle accident, and more. 

The negligent actions of another person can lead to substantial harm, potentially rewriting an injured accident survivor’s future. From fractures and sprains to spinal cord injuries and other traumas, a single incident may lead to long-term disability. A person may be unable to work as a result of their injuries, adding additional strain to the potential expenses involved in ongoing medical care, rehabilitative treatments, and more.

If the actions or negligent inactions of another caused your injuries, you may be eligible to file a personal injury claim to recover compensation. This may help support you with injury-related bills, as well as recover lost income.

Contact our law firm to speak with our Bellingham injury attorneys today.

Canadian Immigration Attorneys

There are many routes to accessing the legal right to live and work in Canada. If you are looking to apply for a Canadian work permit, student visa, or permanent resident status, contact our Bellingham law firm for support. Our immigration attorneys strive to clarify the application process, and provide key guidance as to your approach.

We may be of assistance in putting together your application and helping you navigate the online portal. In addition to work and student visas, we may be able to help with family or spousal sponsorship applications, express entry for business class applicants, and more.

Our Bellingham immigration attorneys may be able help with the following:

Whatever your immigration questions, our team at Border Solutions Law Group would be happy to discuss how we may be of service to you.

US Immigration Attorneys

Whether you are a non-US citizen seeking a work permit or green card in the US, or a US citizen wishing to sponsor family members, our Bellingham immigration attorneys would be happy to discuss your case. There are many pathways to accessing the legal right to live, work, and study in the United States. When you first speak with our immigration attorneys, we will clarify your specific goals and needs in an effort to better strategize your applications.

Our US immigration attorneys may be able to help with the following:

Book an appointment with our Bellingham immigration attorneys today to discuss your particular needs, and learn how we may be able to guide you through the application process.

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Dually licensed in Canada and the US, our Bellingham immigration and injury attorneys can help with cross border injury claims, citizenship and work visa applications, and more. Each case is different, which is why we prioritize a tailored approach, offering guidance specific to your needs. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation with our team, ready to serve you from Bellington, Washington.

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