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4 people who could be liable for damages after a holiday crash

Travelling and the holidays often go hand-in-hand. Unfortunately, they also often go along with car accidents when certain people are on the road. Following are five types of drivers who could be liable for damages if they cause or contribute to a crash.

An impaired driver

Drinking or using drugs is not uncommon during this time of year. People are out celebrating or trying to cope with a stressful time, and this could involve using substances like alcohol, illegal drugs and medication.

If someone gets behind the wheel after ingesting these, they could have delayed reactions and impaired decision-making skills. These conditions make them more likely to cause an accident for which they can be responsible.

A distracted driver

Stress, phone calls or a long to-do list can take a driver’s attention away from what they are doing behind the wheel. These and other distractions can mean a driver isn’t paying attention to what they are doing or what others are doing.

A novice or senior driver

At both ends of the age spectrum, drivers can exhibit behaviours that make them a potential liability.

Young drivers may not have the experience to understand dangerous situations and avoid them, and they can be more likely to make serious mistakes because of their unfamiliarity.

Senior drivers can also pose a threat to others for a few reasons. They may be on medication that impairs their thinking and reflexes; they could have visual or mobility limitations; they could be more likely to experience confusion.

A tired driver

Tired drivers can come in many forms, including:

  • Shift workers
  • People with sleep disorders
  • Parents who haven’t gotten a good night’s sleep recently
  • Young adults who are up very late
  • Truckers who have been behind the wheel for many hours

Regardless of the reason behind a driver’s sleepiness, the fact is that drowsiness can affect people in much the same way drugs or alcohol can. Thus, those who are overtired could be responsible for accidents they cause.

If you have plans to head over the river and through the woods in the coming weeks, know that these drivers are out there. Holding them accountable for any damages they cause in a crash can be crucial.