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Appeals for the trusted traveler program are possible

Immigration law is something that is very difficult to navigate through if you aren’t prepared to do so. There are some aspects of immigration law that can be very confusing. One of these has to do with NEXUS, which is the trusted traveler program that would allow you to go from the United States to Canada and vice versa without much of an issue.

If you aren’t eligible for NEXUS, you will likely have some challenges as you go back and forth. Some of the reasons why you might be deemed ineligible include having outstanding warrants, filing a false application, filing an incomplete application, being the subject of an investigation, being inadmissible to the U.S. or being considered anything other than low-risk by the Canada Border Services Agency or U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

If your application for the NEXUS program is denied by the U.S. or Canada, you won’t be able to join. When we work on your case related to immigration matters, you have the benefit of having a dual licensed firm on your side. We are licensed in the U.S. and in Canada.

You might be able to appeal that decision if you feel it is incorrect. We can help you to learn about your options for appealing the decision. This can be a complex undertaking that can be difficult and time consuming.

If you opt not to appeal a denial, we can help you to learn about your other options that would allow you to travel back and forth. This might be important for you if you have business to do in both countries.