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Are all cross-border personal injury suits financially viable?

The legal proceedings of personal injury lawsuits in British Columbia and Seattle differ significantly. For this reason, navigation of a cross-border personal injury claim in the event of an accident in a neighbouring country can be particularly challenging. Fortunately, the Border Solutions Law Group focuses their practice on such cases — in fact, cross-border claims are the only types of injury cases they handle.

The complexity of these claims comes with the fact that you will have to deal with two claims at once. Claiming insurance in one country and pursuing a tort claim across the border in the city where the injury was suffered can be overwhelming — especially if you are recovering from accident injuries. Fortunately, the lawyers at the Border Solutions Law Group are registered to practice in Washington State and British Columbia.

Thus, you will not need to deal with two separate law firms. These lawyers can navigate insurance claims on one side of the border and pursue recovery of damages not covered under auto insurance in civil lawsuits on the other side. They are informed about the compensation and benefits available in each of the jurisdictions, the caps that are effective on pain and suffering damages, and the different statutes of limitations in the two countries.

Another advantage of retaining the services of the Border Solution Law Group is affordability. Legal fees in Washington and British Columbia differ considerably, and the costs will depend on which side of the border you were injured. This firm’s lawyers will explain the costs and assess viability to prevent pursuing cross-border personal injury lawsuits that will bring no financial benefits.