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Are Cross-Border Injury Claims Harder To Fight?

If you were injured outside of your home country, will you have a harder time gaining compensation? In a word, yes. Getting fair treatment in one country is already a challenge. Insurers necessarily try to minimize their payout. It’s up to you to prove your claim. But when an accident happens in a different country, you face double the complexity.

You’re Up Against Differing Laws And Insurance Processes

Whether you are a BC resident injured in Seattle or a U.S. resident injured in Vancouver, you now need to navigate two separate systems. The laws in each country governing accident and injury are not the same.

Some law firms take on cross-border accident cases, but since they cannot practice law in both countries, they need to hire a separate lawyer to handle the other half of the case. At Border Solutions Law Group, all we handle is cross-border issues. Our lawyers practise law in BC and Washington. We know how the law and insurance work in both countries. We don’t have any learning curve and we don’t miss key details. Our clients never need to work with two separate law firms. We handle cross-border injury claims from start to finish.

Will I Have To Go Back To The Other Country?

In many cases, no. You can claim accident benefits from the insurer of your home country. For example, if you are a BC resident, we work directly with ICBC on your behalf. At the same time, we can usually negotiate the other part of your claim in Washington right from our office in Vancouver.

Only if we need to advance litigation of the U.S. lawsuit may you be required to attend the trial in Washington state. This adds a layer of complexity to a claim, but we will only pursue the claim if it makes financial sense for you to do so.

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