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Being proactive might prevent cross-border personal injury

Drivers who frequently travel between Vancouver and Seattle know that they will always be vulnerable. Even when driving in perfect weather, anyone can fall victim to a distracted driver in another vehicle. Dealing with cross-border personal injury can be daunting. One precaution may be to learn how to become a proactive driver because that could allow the driver to anticipate and avoid potential dangers.

This process starts with recognizing any signs of danger by focusing on the road and learning for what to be on the lookout. An example is noticing people in parked cars who might open the doors without checking for oncoming traffic. That also leads to the next requirement of anticipating the actions of drivers, pedestrians, cyclists and bikers. Watching out and being prepared for their actions might save lives.

Once a driver has mastered the skill of identifying potential dangers, he or she will be able to plan the appropriate response. For example, being able to spot the risk of being rear-ended by a driver who is not maintaining a safe following distance will give the driver the chance to devise a way to avoid such an accident. A proactive driver is in control, and that could save his or her life and the lives of passengers.

It might be a good idea for parents in Vancouver to teach young drivers to be proactive drivers from the onset. Unfortunately, the negligence of someone else might lead to a crash on the way to or from Seattle. Dealing with insurance providers and liability or damage recovery in case of cross-border personal injury can be a significant challenge, and it might be best left to the skills of an experienced personal injury lawyer licensed to practice on both sides of the border.