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Visiting the U.S.? Which type of visa will you need?

Whether you are a British Columbia citizen who wants to travel across the border for temporary employment, to study or to visit, getting the paperwork done can be a daunting task. With frequent changes to U.S. immigration laws and visa requirements, it can be nearly impossible to understand all of the intricacies involved without professional assistance. Having the process simplified might improve your chances of a successful visa application.

Traumatic brain injury symptoms and seeking help as a victim

Are you one of many British Columbia residents who loves to take trips across the U.S. border to go shopping, see a show, or enjoy the beaches, parks and other attractions? While you probably do your best to stay safe on these occasions, the unfortunate possibility that you could be involved in an accident while you are on the other side of the border between British Columbia and the state of Washington is real. Car crashes and other accidents can happen to anybody at any time, but if they occur while you are in another country, the aftermath can be even more daunting.

When your cross-border personal injury takes a turn for the worse

Vehicle accidents are generally traumatic experiences, and this could be even worse if you happen to be involved in a crash while on a visit from British Columbia to Washington State. The fact that this happened across the border could complicate matters considerably. Not only will two jurisdictions be involved, but you may have to deal with the insurance policies and legal systems of two different countries.

You may qualify for the job but do you qualify to enter the U.S.?

If you are a British Columbia resident who has received a job offer from an American company, you will likely have several questions about the requirements and procedures to follow to make sure the process is smooth and legal. What makes the process complicated is the fact that it involves the laws of two countries. Furthermore, there may be wait times due to annual approval limits that could come into play.

Sometimes All It Takes Is A Short Consultation

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