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British Columbia immigration option for skilled workers

British Columbia has a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) in which skilled workers may participate in the Express Entry British Columbia Stream. It is a program for entry-level, semi-skilled and skilled workers. Also eligible might be health care professionals, international post-graduates and graduates. All candidates, except post-graduates, must have either a current job or a firm job offer. 

Categories of skilled workers eligible for the PNP program

Along with several years of experience and a firm job offer, participants in the PNP program must fall into one of the following categories: 

  • Health care Professional: Including nurses, physicians, psychiatric nurses and eight other health occupations 
  • International Graduates: Graduates from eligible Canadian universities or colleges within the prior three years 
  • International Post-Graduates: Doctoral or Masters graduates from eligible British Columbia institutions 
  • Additional requirements for Post-Graduates: Studies must be in applied, natural or health sciences 
  • Semi-skilled and entry-level skilled workers: Including hospitality, tourism, long-haul trucking or food processing 
  • Additional requirements for semi-skilled and entry-level: Must live and work in British Columbia’s Northeast Development Region 

Minimum requirements for eligibility for the PNP program

The following are requirements for all categories except the International Post-Graduate category: 

  • Accepted full-time job offers with wages as per provincial wage rates 
  • Meet minimum requirements for language proficiency 
  • Must have the means for supporting applicant and family 
  • Must meet additional category requirements 
  • The employer must meet eligibility criteria 

First steps to take

Before participating in the Express Entry British Columbia Stream, interesting parties must seek Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS) registration. The program authorities will then review the applicant’s education, job, language ability, wage and location in British Columbia. Candidates for the Healthcare Professional and International Post-Graduate categories are exempt from this requirement.