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Cannabis might be legal but driving is dangerous after using it

Cannabis became legal for recreational use in British Columbia in Oct. 2019. However, that does not change the fact that it is a drug that compromises a user’s ability to drive safely. The best way to avoid personal injury to oneself and others is to have a designated driver or call a taxi or other transit options.

Why does cannabis double the crash risk?

According to research, cannabis users remain at high risk for at least three hours after using it. The drug compromises both the motor and cognitive abilities, thereby increasing the crash risk. In situations that require split-second decisions and reactions, drivers with cannabis in their systems will lack those crucial skills.

What about cannabis edibles?

Eating cannabis-infused edibles like gummies, cookies, brownies, chocolates and various candies became available to buy legally in Dec. 2019. Cannabis users say ingested cannabis edibles are not as potent as smoking it. Researchers confirm that but say the effect on users is significantly more intense and longer lasting than smoking it.

How long does cannabis affect drivers?

Various facts play a role in the effect cannabis has on different people. It stays in the bloodstream for much longer than alcohol. Therefore, the quantity used and how often a person uses cannabis play a role in the length of time it affects driving ability. Cannabis users would be advised to avoid driving with drugs in their systems to stay safe and avoid causing harm to others.

Victims of car accidents caused by drivers impaired by cannabis or other drugs have options for legal recourse. With proof of the other party’s drug or alcohol impairment, monetary damages could be recovered by the successful navigation of a personal injury lawsuit in civil court. With Vancouver so close to the border, British Columbia residents might cross paths with impaired drivers while travelling south of the border, where dealing with insurance and legal matters could prove to be more complicated.