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Car accidents can cause long-term mental health issues

Many car accident victims are grateful to come out alive, only to battle with life-altering mental health issues. Some have to deal with anxiety and flashbacks whenever they drive or travel as passengers on busy roads. Others have insomnia that affects their personal and professional lives so severely that they cannot return to work. 


Thoughts of the car accident could cause problems with falling asleep, or sleep can be interrupted by nightmares. When restless sleep continues night after night over a long period, the impact on the victim’s life can be detrimental. This can result in fatigue, low energy, exhaustion, the inability to focus and concentrate, along with other adverse consequences. 


Car accident victims often experience feelings of being detached from themselves, their loved ones and those around them who were important people in their lives before the crash. They can become distant and withdraw while experiencing despair and feeling hopeless. They often close the door to loved ones without realizing that avoiding loved ones could hasten the onset of depression. 

Post-traumatic stress disorder

PTSD is not limited to members of the armed forces. Anyone experiencing severely traumatic experiences can become a victim of this disorder. Even witnessing something like a fatal accident that claims a loved one’s life could be enough to cause long-term trauma. 


Anxiety can cause panic attacks with both mental and physical effects. Crash victims could experience chest pain and discomfort, breath shortness, dizziness, panic and disorder when the victim is in similar circumstances. Shaking, sweating, sickness or nausea can occur, and victims often believe they are suffering a heart attack, which causes even more severe anxiety. 

What help is available?

Fortunately, victims of car accidents can seek medical and therapeutic help. Furthermore, those unable to return to work for extended periods due to mental health issues caused by car accidents might have grounds to seek compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. With the help of an experienced legal professional, negligence could be established, which might lead to a monetary judgment to cover medical care, mental health therapy and even lost wages.