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Causes of accidents that lead to cross-border personal injury

When British Columbia residents take shopping or other trips south of the border, they will always be at risk of being involved in car accidents. Many cross-border personal injury claims result from crashes caused by one of five top accident causes. The most common reason is distracted driving. While it is true that an accident can happen even if the driver is alert, without distractions there is more time to react in a way that might prevent serious injuries.

Impatience often make drivers shooting gaps. This involves unsafe passing, merging into traffic, making unsafe left turns and darting into gaps when changing lanes. All these require other drivers to react quickly to avoid collisions. Speed is also to blame for many car accidents, not only when drivers exceed the speed limit, but also when they do not adjust their driving speed to prevailing weather conditions

Intersections are also danger zones because some drivers slam on brakes when the light turns yellow, risking being rear-ended. Others rush through as the lights turn red, often causing T-bone crashes in the intersections. Then there is the risk of following other cars too closely and unable to stop safely and without rear-ending the vehicle in front when emergencies occur.

While most British Columbia drivers have auto insurance that might cover losses, but when they are involved in accidents while travelling south of the border, dealing with insurance adjusters in the United States and Canada could be complicated. This also applies when having to deal with the laws of two countries if civil lawsuits are filed to pursue damage recovery. This is where the skills of a cross-border personal injury lawyer who is registered on both sides of the border can be an invaluable asset.