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Complacent drivers can cause devastating crashes in B.C. spring

Vancouver’s spring officially started on March 20. However, April is still cool and wet, and it can still at the higher elevations in British Columbia. This means the driving conditions can vary from hour to hour. Drivers must anticipate all possibilities because sudden cold spells could result in the water from spring rains freezing in places, causing potentially deadly black ice.

Unfortunately, many drivers who made it through winter accident-free become complacent as summer approaches. Failing to adjust driving to prevailing conditions endangers drivers, their passengers and others nearby. Accident victims often suffer life-changing injuries.

Specific driver errors that can cause spring-time car accidents

Driving too fast for road conditions is one of the most common causes of accidents. It’s important to remember that the posted speed limits are set for perfect road and weather conditions, so much slower driving is needed during adverse times. Travelling too fast on wet or icy roads could result in a skid, and a driver who is unable to safely handle these conditions can cause accidents with devastating consequences.

Maintaining safe following distances in adverse weather is also crucial, regardless of how experienced the driver is. Insufficient space and time to come to a safe stop can result in a traumatic end. Safe following distances and gentle braking during adverse conditions can help prevent many of these unfortunate situations.

How can victims recover damages?

The information above shows how seemingly insignificant driving errors made by complacent and negligent drivers can cause others life-changing injuries, which can be substantially costly both emotionally and financially. Even worse, lives can be lost in some of these instances. Fortunately, damage recovery is possible for victims or loved ones of deceased victims through the British Columbia civil justice system. An experienced lawyer can provide the necessary support and guidance and represent plaintiffs throughout any legal proceedings.