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Coping with medical bills after cross-border accident is tough

Anybody who has ever suffered injuries in a car accident will know how difficult it can be to deal with insurance companies at the time when a person is trying to recover and get back to work — or to life as it was before the crash. This could be even more challenging when an accident victim has to cope with the laws of both British Columbia and Washington. For those to travel between Vancouver and Seattle, a cross-border accident may be a familiar concern.

The key will be to gather as much information as possible — regardless of who caused the crash. Bills may be coming in from the emergency service that provided care and transport to the hospital, doctors, chiropractors, ER technicians and more. Copies of all these will have to be submitted to insurers. It could be helpful to record every remembered detail of the accident — describe the weather and road conditions, where did it happen and sketch the scene, placing every other vehicle or pedestrian in position.

While police reports typically include vital information, having additional information can do no harm. Depending on the severity of the injuries, the victim — or a friend or family member — may be able to take photos of the accident scene, which could prove valuable later. In addition, having statements from eyewitnesses, along with their contact details can play a significant role if claims have to be litigated.

Dealing with insurance companies on both sides of the border can be challenging, especially if the victim is pressured to settle. This is never a good idea — considering whose best interests the insurers are protecting. The most appropriate step for any victim of a cross-border accident may be to retain the services of a lawyer who is experienced and practices in both British Columbia and Washington. Such support and guidance may allow the victim to recover while the lawyer deals with insurers and navigates a personal injury claim in the appropriate civil court.

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