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Cross-border injuries or death complicates damage recovery

British Columbia residents on cross-border trips to Seattle or other destinations could face many challenges if they suffer personal injuries south of the border. Life is unpredictable, and accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. And in some cases, the injured victims were not in a vehicle when they were struck.

An example of such circumstances is an accident that claimed two people’s lives and caused critical injuries to another. According to police reports, an unidentified driver lost control of a vehicle and crashed into another car before smashing into a barbershop in Seattle. When it came to a halt, the entire vehicle was inside the building.

Consequences included deaths and injuries

A 61-year-old passenger in the car lost her life, as did a 25-year-old barbershop employee. A 23-year-old barbershop worker was rushed to a Washington medical facility with critical injuries. The injuries suffered by the driver and two other people in the barbershop were reported as minor.

Medical emergency the suspected cause

After interviewing witnesses and studying various video clips, police suspect the driver lost control due to a medical emergency. The final investigation report is still pending, however.

If any of the injured or deceased victims in such an accident happened to be British Columbia residents on a cross-border trip, recovering damages could become complicated. Legal and insurance claims will involve the laws of both countries.