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Cross-border personal injury and its impact on mental health

The consequences of car accidents typically go far beyond physical injuries. Concussions, lacerations, bruises and bone fractures could also be accompanied by psychological trauma. The mental trauma is exacerbated by further stresses of filing insurance claims and discussing possible lawsuits with lawyers. All of these matters become even more complicated if it involves a British Columbia resident who suffers a cross-border personal injury.

Mental health issues after auto accidents typically affect victims in unique ways. Psychological trauma could vary from mild to severe, and victims often require extended periods of therapy. Some people struggle with anxiety and depression, which often lead to post-traumatic stress disorder.

PTSD causes flashbacks of the crash and nightmares that cause insomnia. Crash victims may develop a fear of driving or being passengers in vehicles when roads are busy. The trauma it causes could be especially severe if loved ones lost their lives in the accident. In many cases, the aftereffects of road accidents have adverse effects on relationships with colleagues, friends and family members. Because emotional issues are not as visible as bodily injuries like fractured bones, others are often unaware of a crash victim’s trauma.

A British Columbia lawyer who has experience in dealing with cross-border personal injury claims can simplify dealing with insurance adjusters and explain applicable legal rights after an accident south of the border. A lawyer in Vancouver can assess the circumstances to determine the viability of a civil lawsuit. Legal counsel will focus on ensuring that all current and future damages are included in documented claims. These include not only the costs of medical treatment for physical injuries but also the expenses related to therapy for the treatment of mental trauma.