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Cross-border personal injury can be costly

British Columbia residents who are injured in accidents will hardly ever see hospital bills because their health insurance plans typically take care of all medical expenses. If such incidents happen while they travel outside the country, insurance coverage would be limited unless they take out travel insurance. However, not all Vancouver residents who make day trips to Seattle for shopping or a show regard it as international travelling, and they might not be covered by insurance in the event of a cross-border personal injury.

One of the biggest threats on the road to and from Washington state is the danger posed by commercial vehicles. While drivers of passenger vehicles know the rule of keeping a two-second following distance, large trucks must leave a space of at least four seconds, and even more in adverse weather. This is because they need more space to come to a halt; unfortunately, not all commercial drivers comply.

For the same reason, passenger car drivers must avoid changing lanes or completing a pass too closely in front of a big rig. Enough space must be allowed to prevent the need for the trucker to slam on brakes. At the same time, drivers must avoid the no-zones behind and beside the large trucks because the truck operators cannot see cars in their blind spots.

British Columbia drivers or passengers who suffer injuries in car accidents that involve large trucks while they are south of the border might have to deal with the laws and insurance laws of Washington state. It would be sensible to seek legal counsel to simplify the legalities. An experienced personal injury lawyer who is registered in both British Columbia and Seattle can be a valuable asset when dealing with cross-border personal injury issues.