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Cross-border personal injury can complicate claims

Safety authorities say distracted drivers cause a significant percentage of automobile accidents in Canada. However, this is not limited to Canada, and sometimes British Columbia residents fall victims to distracted drivers when they travel to Seattle or other U.S. destinations. Navigating cross-border personal injury claims can be challenging without the support of legal counsel.

Distractions are classified as anything that causes a driver’s attention to be on anything other than the roadway. Visual distractions cause drivers to look away, while manual distractions require drivers to take their hands off the steering wheel to do something else. Then there are cognitive distractions, which prevent drivers from keeping their minds on safe driving. Although these distractions might seem insignificant because they are brief, a crash can happen in the blink of an eye.

Handheld devices cause all three the different types of distractions, and if there are passengers in the vehicle, the risk will be even higher. Some drivers eat and drink while driving, and it is not unusual to see someone holding a beverage in one hand and a burger in the other hand while manipulating the steering wheel with the pinky finger — or the knees. Others do personal grooming or even check social media while driving.

Travellers from British Columbia who fall victim to distracted drivers in the U.S. might be unsure of how to deal with the legal and insurance providers on both sides of the border. An experienced cross-border personal injury lawyer in Vancouver who is registered in both countries can be a valuable asset in the corner of an injured motorist. With the support and guidance of legal counsel, economic and noneconomic damages can be pursued.