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Cross-border personal injury can have devastating consequences

With summer approaching, increased numbers of motorists will take to the roads, and this will also increase the chances of being involved in collisions. Car accident injuries could lead to hospitalization, doctors’ fees, therapy sessions and lost income. If this happens to Vancouver residents while they travel in Washington state, the legalities of dealing with cross-border injury and insurance adjusters could be daunting.

Even accidents that do not result in catastrophic injuries can cause soft tissue and other injuries that could have long-term health consequences. These could include whiplash injuries that might lead to stretched, torn, sprained or strained ligaments, tendons and muscles. The rapid motion of the head during a collision can cause traumatic brain injury and damage to the intervertebral joints, ligaments, discs, nerve roots and cervical muscles of the neck.

If the impact of a collision causes the neck or back to go out of line, the consequences can affect the entire back, neck and shoulder areas. Along with musculoskeletal injuries, bones can be fractured, and in some cases, broken bones like ribs could puncture internal organs. The financial and emotional consequences of such an accident could be devastating.

When a motorist from Vancouver suffers injuries in a car accident south of the border, he or she may find comfort in learning that help is available. An experienced personal injury lawyer in Vancouver can take over and deal with insurance providers, and if there are grounds for a civil lawsuit, legal counsel can assist with the navigation of ensuing legal proceedings. The lawyer can help with establishing negligence and pursuing recovery of documented losses.