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Cross-border personal injury can have long-term consequences

British Columbia residents who travel to Seattle or other destinations in Washington might not consider the potential consequences of auto accidents. Cross-border personal injury issues can be complicated. It can become considerably more challenging if the injuries have long-term health and financial implications.

The Canadian Medical Association Journal recently published a study that determined that four in ten accident victims who suffered significant trauma are subsequently admitted to hospitals for mental-health issues. Diagnoses include anxiety, depression and alcohol-abuse disorder. Furthermore, researchers found that the suicide rate among these patients is also exceptionally high when compared to the general population.

An emergency physician says many trauma patients struggle with anxiety, depression and self-harm considerations even after their physical recoveries were remarkable. These mental-health issues can develop in the months, or even years, after the accident that caused the physical trauma. Researchers say the fact that advances in the medical fields help more victims of traumatic injuries survive and recover, which might be the reason for the higher number of accident-related mental-health issues.

Although excellent medical and mental care is available in British Columbia, the challenge is in dealing with the insurance and legal systems of two countries when cross-border personal injury is involved. This is where the skills of an experienced lawyer come in. Legal counsel who is registered in both jurisdictions can take over and work to obtain financial relief to cover documented claims for past and future medical expenses for treatment and therapy, lost income, and lost potential earnings along with emotional pain and suffering.