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Cross-border personal injury can involve motorcycles

Taking a trip from Vancouver to Seattle is nothing unusual, and it is par for the course for many British Columbia resident. Travel options include taking the bus, riding the train or drive to Washington state by car, motorcycle or other mode of transport. It is not a tough drive, but to avoid cross-border personal injury due to a crash, it is always a good idea to check road conditions before taking the trip.

Summer is the perfect time to take bike ride south of the border. However, sharing the road with automobiles can be life-threatening. Safety authorities in Seattle recently reminded motorists to look out for motorcyclists. They noted that bikers might swerve for potholes or cracked pavement, which are hazards that might seem insignificant for vehicle drivers, but are deadly for bikers.

Authorities asked drivers to keep safe distances between them and motorcycles. Extra room must be maintained when passing bikers, and enough space should be left for motorcyclists to pass cars. Motorists must keep in mind that they might not see the bike’s brake lights, and the same goes for turn signals. However, the responsibility lies not only with drivers, and bikers should not lose sight of their responsibilities to comply with traffic regulations.

Accidents happen at any time, to anyone, whether they are in cars or motorcycles. If this happens to a Vancouver resident while on a visit to Seattle, recovering damages could be a challenging process. It makes sense to utilize the skills of a lawyer who is registered in both British Columbia and Washington state. A lawyer with experience in dealing with cross border personal injury claims can help injured victims deal with insurance adjusters and legal claims to recover damages.