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Cross-border personal injury caused by car accidents

According to research, automobile crashes cause most of the accidental deaths in British Columbia across all age groups. Along with the emotional trauma suffered by surviving family members and injured crash victims comes significant unanticipated financial consequences. This could be more complicated if it involves cross-border personal injury.

Looking at specific statistics shows why drivers need to take more care. Accidents across British Columbia involving vehicle occupants, motorcyclists, pedestrians and cyclists occur at an approximate rate of 175 per day. Furthermore, these accidents result in an average of one fatality and 10 hospitalizations for severe injuries each day. Primary contributing factors of accidents include speeding, distractions and impairment.

Further research results showed the information by age. Hospitalizations of children up to age 14 resulted from cycling accidents, and fatalities among those between 16 and 25 years involved speeding, distractions and impairment. In the 26 to 45 years age group, fatalities were mostly caused by speeding and impairment. Although distractions are typically associated with teens and their mobile phones, the researchers reported that distractions proved to be the primary contributor to road accident deaths among people over 66 years.

When it came to pedestrian injuries, most hospitalization involved adults of 75 and older. Although these statistics are based on British Columbia accidents, the same risks exist when Vancouver residents travel to destinations south of the border. When that happens, insurance and legal proceedings will involve both countries’ laws and insurance adjusters. In pursuit of damage recovery, the skills of an experienced cross-border personal injury lawyer can simplify the ensuing proceedings.