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Cross-border personal injury claim can follow visual distraction

Some British Columbia drivers do not realize that using a mobile phone causes visual distraction that could end in a serious or even deadly car accident. Authorities compare visual distractions with driving while blindfolded or with closed eyes. Anyone who is injured while travelling south of the border will likely have to deal with the complications of cross-border personal injury claims if they decide to seek damage recovery.

A visual distraction renders a driver visually impaired for the few seconds that it takes to glance at the cellphone quickly. Safety authorities say that those few seconds of visual distraction while driving at 88 kph can be compared to driving a distance the length of a football field with closed eyes. When the driver decides to text while driving, the average period of distraction is almost 5 seconds, which increases the risk of crashing by 23 times.

It is not only mobile phones that cause visual distractions. Some drivers use their multitasking skills to eat, drink beverages, adjust sound systems, read and use GPS devices. Some drivers even apply makeup or shave while driving, increasing their risks to crash dramatically.

Sadly, car accidents caused by distracted drivers often cause serious injuries to others. When this happens during a trip to Seattle or another destination in the United States, recovering damages could be complicated. This is because claims could involve the laws and insurance claims procedures of both countries. Securing the services of an experienced personal injury lawyer in British Columbia can simplify the ensuing legal and insurance-related proceedings.